Monday, May 24, 2010

My dog is licking the floor constantly, how can I stop it?

it's called SOUR APPLE
it's a spray that you can use on furniture and floors and whatever you don't want your dog eating or chewing
get it at any pet supply store
put a little bit of something that your dog wont like on the hot sauce?.or something..that dogs dont like lol. thatlll stop him
Where ever he is licking the floor put down the stuff that stops you biting your nails. Or for larger areas Lemon juice.
My dog used to do that and I just sprayed a little bit of perfume on the floor, and he never went back to it . And it doesn't cause any harm unless he keeps on licking
Rip its tongue out with a pair of good quality pliers!
Mine used to do that, and lick the fabric sofas leaving huge wet patches. It took me a while to work out that it was her licking and not wetting herself the patches were so vast!! I used Fabreze on the sofas and bleached the floors with a weak solution of bleach and hot water. She soon stopped. I have no idea why they do it tho, but that worked for me!!
Try bitterbite its a brand u spray on surfaces to stop animals chewing them
well first of all you have to stop vacuuming the floor with bacon flavored vacuum powder air freshener.. vacuum your floor with that good smelling powder. for laminate floors clean it with.. you know.. soap cause that doesn't taste good.
if you tie a brush to its tail you wont have to do any more housework
Try putting something your dog doesn't like on the floor, such as tabasco sauce or lemon juice. Yes, this will leave your floors sticky. Make sure your dog has a constant source of fresh water, and try giving him ice cubes, it may be that he likes the "cold" feel of the floor. Also, make sure he's got something to chew on or lick, such as a large bone, to keep him happy. Some dogs develop oral habits that result from boredom.

Your dog is probably licking the floor because something is on the floor like human food. So what you need to do is mop the floor up with soap+water. And then if it continues then you haveta try licking the floor yourself..just kidding, just kidding, but then l suggest you call the vet or something and see if theres something wrong with his/ her tongue. But maybe he/she just likes the feeling of the floor. And also DO NOT put ANYTHING on the floor to make the dog stop. (like lemon juice, hot sauce ect..) Because if you put it on then it will work for a little then the bitter/ spiciness with fade away and then the dog willl be at it again. Trust me l had a dog and he kept chewing on the chair and I tried putting stuff on it and at first he didnt like it but then he didnt seem to care that it was there. So just clean the floor and do the stuff I said and hey maybe you will see some improvment. And before you pick the best answer just try everything that everyones sending you to do. And you can even waste your money on those things that you spray on like lemon juice or bitter apple. But im tellling you right now they wont work and im telling you that if you clean the floor whatever is on there will go away. But remember if it doesnt work maybe he/she likes the feeling or has a tongue problem. Good Luck. and make a good choice on picking that best answer. I mean im not saying pick me or anything im just saying think hard before you pick.
animals do strange things like that when they need vitamins or minerals. there might be a certain mineral in the materal used to make the floor that your dog needs. horses eat paint off of fences when they need zinc.
look for a good mineral supplement for dogs or change food to one that has more vitamins in it.

your dog might stop licking the floor if he has enough minerals.
Either stop spilling food on the floor, or suspend it from the ceiling for a couple of hours a day.
give him a filled kong, something better to do than licking carpets
first of all i think your dog is a cat and it thinks the floor is a cat also.But i agree with everyone else other than the guy that said to put a brush on his tail just put something on the floor that he doesn't like or just cover your floor with rubber shower pads
put a large piece of sellotape around its neck and the other end in a nail on the roof. this will hold the dogs neck up and stop in licking the ground !.are you for real ?
are u female? lay on the floor! lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Put petrol on your floor, watch your dog run circles round itself until it runs out of fuel!
you animal lovers are all the same .its your pet .why do you not just accept that you have purchased an animal.

My dog is leaking clear fluids?

My dog is about 59 days along in her pregnancy. i was just wondering if she was going to have her puppies soon? I heard that they will have a discharge before they have them so i was just wondering. No im not goin to call the vet its not important shes not bleeding so it couldnt wait for monday to ask them.When she was leaking on my bed it was about the size of a cotton ball. She is now in her whelping box so i dont know if she is still leaking or not.
Shes about ready to have her puppies. Also usually a day b4 delivery she will also vomit, and start panting very hard, and she will be ansy. Good Luck.
poor puppy.I wish i could help but i dont know.
she is probably okay though
best of luck on the puppies!
well i would just keep a eye on her just in case. and maybe call you vet if there are any more problems that start up
She is a mammal and she is ready to whelp. Mammals all have some form of what is commonly called, " water breaking".
sounds like she is in labour now.
Sounds like her water broke. Your vet's office should have an answering service where you can have them call you.
Just let her get comfortable and wait it out until they pop out. We had a rottwhiler when I was growing up. She was prego. She was leeking, and we thought she just had to pee, so we took her outside. Then she popped one out on the ground and sprinted for the door. We picked it up and took it in to her, but it didn't make it. 14 puppies and 3 lived out of the first litter.
She may be in the early stages of labour, just keep an eye on her, and good luck
Hang in there Tina, you are going to have puppies. Be sure to post so we can enjoy them too!
Calm down Tina. Your dog is getting ready to birth her puppies. You're due to witness a wonderful sight. She'll do a fine job, by herself. Mother Nature will show her what to do.I hope you find homes for the little ones. Congratulations "Grandma"
You are getting ready to be a grandma. Congrats just watch her and make sure she is delivering okay what breed is she? And how old?

My dog is jealous of the new baby.?

I'm due to have my first child in a few weeks, so I've been putting her nursery together. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that my dog had crapped all over the new carpet in that room! I was really upset. She must have known that she did something wrong because she hid under the bed and wouldn't come out.

I didn't think the new baby would be a problem for her. I had been bringing some of the baby's things in slowly so she wouldn't feel overwhelmed by the change. Is she jealous? How can I help her?
1st, Congrads on your pregnancy!
Perhaps she was laying her sent on the new carpet (I know, it drives you crazy. mine pee'ed all over the stairs after we got them carpeted)
Or perhaps she is starting to get jealous. It is common for pets to get jealous when a new baby arrives, or even when company is in town visiting. Esp if its been just you and the dog up till now.
I know things must be crazy right now for you, but try and set a little time for just you and your pooch to play and cuddle. Perhaps take her to the park so she can be around children. Maybe even go to the store and by a doll that cries and soforth like a baby and see how the dog reacts to it. It may help her get a little used to it.
Have some time when you and the dog can be in the babies room together, perhaps you reading in a chair and the dog asleep on the floor or playing with one of her toys on the floor so that she can get used to the room and not feel threatened by it.
When you have the baby, before you bring it home from the hospital, have someone take something of the babies (a blanket or something) and let your dog smell it so she can get somewhat used to it so that when you bring the baby in the door, she is somewhat familar with the smell.
You may have to take her for training of some sort if it gets worse.
For now just keep the babies room door closed when she is out and you can't watch the dog.
Again, congrads and good luck!
put her outside
I think she is marking her turf,,thats her new baby,,lol.
i think she is jealous and i will probalby take a little time for her to get use to it and i think you should play with the dog so she knows that she is not being left out
don't worry the dog will soon get used to the baby
Im sure the dog just had to go and you woudnt let it out or something. but when you bring the baby home make sure you dnt neglect the dog
she think that you do not like her no more that sounds like what happen to my mom and dad what i was they let yhe dog be with me alot and it help it alot.
Sounds like you have a difficult choice to make.
Of course she is jealous and I would make the dog part of the homecoming.But you must remember to kept the babies door closed at all times and never leave the baby alone in a room when the dog is in the house. If the dog attempts to become aggressive with the baby even one time the dog goes.
When we had our first baby, my husband brought home a blanket the baby was wrapped in to let the dogs smell and get used to the scent of the baby.

Since the baby hasn't arrived yet, the dog is likely not jealous. Be sure to give your dog tons of love and attention when the baby does arrive and ease curiosity by making sure she is properly introduced to new baby. As long as she doesn't get ignored as a result of the new baby in your home, she will have no reason to be jealous of the baby. It could take a little time, but most likely you won't have anything to worry about.
ha. . yea, it happens..what i did was that i let my baby interact with my dog(i have a toy yorkie, if you have a big dog, be careful).after a few months she got used to the baby and i even walked in one day and the baby was keeping her mouth open so the dog would lick her.gross!! but kinda cute to see them interact..try it and dont stop giving your dog attention.afterall, the dog was there first.. :)
Suggested this for a friend and it worked.get several shallow containers.small sour cream containers or such.put baby bath in oil in lotion.etc. Place them around the house (use cheap stuff because this is a will not use this on the baby after it sits around the house getting dust and dirt in in).this will get the dog used to the smell. DON'T ALLOW THE DOG TO GO INTO THAT ROOM! Keep the door closed if you have to, or put up a baby gate to keep her out. She is marking HER territory and that is not a good thing.

Sorry I can't go more is a "Monday" for me, and I can't think!

Good Luck and Congrats on your new baby!
Well, I wouldn't say she is jealous, that carpet was new and in her house so she prob was just you know like marking her territory. My dog did the same thing and he would chew the babys things up even, but when the baby finally came home he was not jealous at all.
He will now lay next to her and not let anyone by her, except for me and my boyfriend, it is so sweet.
Good luck and congrats!
your dog is not doing it out of jealousy. she is just marking the new things in the house. she doesn't even know that the things in the nursery is for the baby. just be patient. we had to go through this when our baby came into the world (5 months ago). our little boy (yorkie) tried to mark EVERYTHING in the nursery. we had to put a barrier into the room. we introduced them slowly, and now he is super-protective of her (he ALWAYS stands between the baby and any visitors). just take your time introducing them to each other.
get rid of the dog and don't be daft-thats a human you'll be raising
I've also recently had a baby and my 2 dogs have adjusted really well. Just be sure to give your dog pets and attention when the baby is around. Be calm, let the dog sniff the baby and praise her when she acts calm around the baby. Obviously, never leave the dog alone with the baby, but with time, the dog will get used to the baby and probably won't pay much attention to it.

I also got a book from, I think it's called "Babyproofing your dog," which had a lot of good tips.

Good luck!
wait to babe born

my dog is jealous when my baby sister comes what should i do?

You should keep your dog, when your baby sister is around. I know a friend of mine, whose child was been beaten by a dog, because of the same thing. These animals have feelings and they would like to be always in direct contact with their master. Before anything happened, please prevent it.
get rid of it
Work with the dog, when the baby comes home, introduce them. Show the dog that you care about the baby, but do not forget the dog.
Dogs have a pecking order, and packs of them have a concept in which there is a lead male and lead female (the "alpha" male and female.) While your dog may be jealous of your baby sister because she gets your attention, it is also a case of wanting to climb the social ladder.

Try to correct your dog - even if that means sending it away to another room or locking it outside while your sister is there. Eventually, the dog will understand that in order to be accepted, it needs to be in the lower social position for your "pack."

My dog is itchy!?

My pug has had a problem with sensitive skin for a few weeks now. We wash him about every 2 weeks and have even switched shampoo but it doesnt seem to help. He really seems to be itchy whenever we scratch him. and not just in one spot- everywhere. Is there any over-the-counter stuff that i can get? He doesnt have fleas or anything.
There are these people called veterinarians and they help sick and injured animals. Ask around. I'm sure SOMEBODY in your area has heard of this. One of those people would be PERFECT for this really tricky problem that could have many causes and needs to be dealt with by a professional, not assholes like me posting on the internet.
It might be a food allergy, you should call your vet for advice. Good luck!
It might be allergies. I would talk to a vet about it. I know there is a certain shot that they can give him to cure it temporarily. I don't know of anything over the counter, sorry.
Mabey you are washing him too frequently, which would cause him toy have dry skin, which would cause him to be itchy.
maybe he really does have fleas or he might be alergic to whatever you wash him with
I hope you are using a shampoo made for dogs..

Go to your vet and he can direct you to the proper shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin.
Don't wash the dog every two weeks. Try every six weeks.
He may also have developed allergies. You can give him some children's Benadryl (recommended by my vet).

Also for the immediate itching there is something called Hot Spot medicine that you can get at Walmart; you can get it in a liquid or a cream in the Pet Section.

Also a great thing to get from Walmart is Linoleic Acid; it has all the omega fatty acids the dog needs for their coat %26 cuts down a lot on the itchy; it is in the pet section in a brown bottle.
Check check and CHECK again for fleas - they are notoriously difficult to spot. Look under his belly, insides of his legs, and around the base of his tail. You're also bathing him too much, dogs shouldn't be bathed unless they REALLY need it. If he smells it could be not because he needs a bath, but his teeth could be dirty, his ears infected. anything! Could be that the bathing has irritated his skin. OR he could have a skin condition. If his skin is red, flaky or crusty, he needs to see a vet for a prescribed treatment.

Good Luck
That time of year. do not shampoo him. maybe try a spray on cleaner that you wipe off if he really needs to be bathed. I would also add corn/vegetable oil to his food.
My Lab also has similar skin issues. You might try an oatmeal (that's right) based shampoo if you are not using one already.

Buying vitamins from your vet that contain fish oils may also alleviate the itching.

I am not familair with pugs but I do know that Labs should not be bathed that regularly as it can damage their coat and skin but again, that is for Labs, not necessarily for pugs.

Lastly, it might be an allergy, particularly to food. If you have switched recently it could be the source of your dilemna.
My dog had this problem for a while. Our vet suggested using human dandruff shampoo on him. It helped my dog alot. If you try it, make sure to avoid the dog's eye's!
Hi I'm A Vet Tech. We have a lot of dogs come in to the clinic this time of year with the same problem. Here is what our vet says to use and it works wonders. OK try washing your dog in Dawn Dish Soap, let it soak for five minutes, then rinse. Also, give your dog Benadrill once a day. This is most likely an allergy. A lot of people don't think there dogs have allergies but, most dogs have them. I hope this helps you out. They keeping your dog in the house too.
sounds like you are washing him to often. He probably has dry skin. You should only need to wash your dog every 4-6 wks or so. he might also have an allergy so try changing to a more natural food. nutro lamb and rice helped my dog. WE also use a rasberry oatmeal shampoo
This might be a skin condition caused by the shampoo . Why not ask the opinion of a vet.? It shouldn't cost that much and if you love your dog perhaps you shouldn't scratch him and see if you can help him be more comfortable. An itchy condition is really about an irritation I think.
My puppy has the same problem. I called the vet and they told me to get childrens benadryl (the liquid kind, mine loved the cherry flavor.) That will help with the itching and chewing. It is only 1cc per 3 pounds of body weight. Hope that works for your dog. Also try not to bathe him as often that will dry out their skin and could cause itching too. If that dont help let your vet know and ask him about prescribing predisone. It works but they can only stay on it for a short period of time because it is a steriod. The benadryl they can take everyday. Hope that helps.
keep the carpet clean.and at least twice a week add a bit of black pepper to his diet. dry food no help.moist food mix it'll give him a healthy glossy coat and no skratching.and a humidifyer would work.shampoos mostly deal with REMOVING oils essential to theyre coats.if he starts losing hair before u try the pepper route it could be mange.again keep pepper in his diet from now on..pepper we found out was a good cure for the mange.
He could be allergic to his shampoo, food, or a number of other things. I no when I got my dog, granted she is not a pug she is a greyhound, she had dermatitis and had to get a special shampoo from the vet. I suggest you go to the vet and not over the counter. The problem could be getting worse.
Itching can often be rectified by improving the dog's diet and adding omega fatty acids to the diet.

One of the most common severe itching problems for dogs is mange. Mange is nothing but microscopic mites. A dog will experience intense itching once it is suffering from severe infection of Demodex, Sarcoptes etc.

Outbreaks often occur around the ears, elbows and face. The skin starts out crusty and scab-like and becomes thick and dark.

A skin scraping is needed by your vet to confirm diagnosis.

Proper medication and treatment should also be prescribed by your vet.

There are some other severe itching problems such as fungal infections. They are less common, but also require a vet's attention.

Allergic itching
A dog which is on a diet designed to eliminate food allergy problems who is still itching probably does not have food allergies.

1. Itching can often be rectified by improving the dog's diet and adding omega fatty acids to the diet. Healthy Coat Omega-3 Gel Caps or VitaCaps庐 will help a lot to counteract allergies among dogs.

2.Soothing products such as Soothing Pads and Soothing Mist will help ease itching and inflammation.

3. Shampooing relieves the itch temporarily as well as helping to remove scales, scabs, some parasites, bacteria, and other potential causes of the itching.

4.Washing or rinsing the legs and paws each time the dog comes inside during the allergy season may help keep the pet more comfortable.

Your vet is an excellent resource if you believe your pet has allergies.
Why are you bathing your dog every two weeks. He is probably itchy because you are drying his skin with too much washing!

My dog is inbred?

I have a german shepherd that is almost 3 years old and we got her fixed about 6 months ago. The vet said that she wasn't a pure bred and told us that she thought that she was also inbred becasue of a deformed uterus or something. It kind of confirmed my own thoughts and my dog seems to be getting worse by the day. How bad will she get? The whole point was for her to protect my children and now they won't even go outside if she's out there. What should I do?
A bad breeding can be an outcross, a linebreed, or an inbreed. Defects, and bad temperaments simply mean that the breeder had no idea of what they were doing except having a litter of puppy's. Simply put a "back yard breeder".
I won't be pretentious and tell you what to do, but I WILL tell you what not to do; do not wate until one of your children has been bitten before you decide what to do.

Personal opinion is I would NEVER waste ten years of my life on a dog that I didn't like.
That totally does not mean that the dog is inbred. It could just have come from REALLY BAD genetics!!

Yes, what Stu says is true!! LOL!! What an idiot the vet must be!! THe dog cannot be both a NON-purebred AND inbred too!

That doesn't even make sense!!

IF you must part with the dog.DO NOT TAKE IT TO A SHELTER! This dog would need to be put down. It should not be rehomed. It could be a danger and people wouldn't even know!!
if its not a pure bred its not an inbred
Your question is to vague, what exactly is she doing that your children are afraid of? The only way you will know if the dog is inbred is by the papers. Having a dog that is mixed breed does not mean they will make bad watch dogs. I have 3 dogs and all three are protectors and all 3 are mixed breeds. I am handicapped and my big rott/lab mix is my helper dog, though not certified he helps me up if I fall. Please explain how she is getting worse, please explain what the problem is. I can always edit my answer if I knew what the problem was.

To me it sounds like she is just becoming over protective of her area. I believe you may wish to either check into a behavioral training class or possibly find another home for her or worse case sinario you may have to put her down, and get a dog that is not so territorial. Your children are far to important to have to worry if your dog is going to get extremely aggressive. If she is mixed with a more dominant breed than a German Shepard you could be setting yourself up for a disaster. Good luck.
I have never had a problem like this with a dog. I had one a shepherd/colllie mix that was inbred. Someone gave her to us. She would have been put to sleep if we hadn't taken her. She had half a brain. Not too smart in the brains department but she was a sweet loving dog. If you dog is getting mean, you need to find her a new home, or she may hurt one of your kids. If she gets bad enough, you may have to put her to sleep.
Find another vet, if she isn't pure bred, she sure isn't inbred. I had a Yorkie that was inbred, never again. Her puppies were deformed.Good luck.
I agree about being vague. Why will your children not go out there? What do they do if the dog is in the house/
Please don't think I am heartless, but if your pet isn't working out with your family, sell, or give her away and find another. As far as a loyal protecter. Consider breed reputation. Rot weiler plus black lab equals a great dog.
is the dog being / acting mean towards the kids..are they afraid of her or is she just being playful..maybe if the dog is being mean it might be that she is in pain.Sheppard have several inherit problems, which is why the breeding should be done with care, hip dsyplsia leaps to mind..but have never heard of deformed uterus meaning she is inbred.

perhaps we could have a bit more info so we can help / advise you.
I too agree that your question was vague. If the dog is a threat to your children then you need to find it another home, take it to a dog shelter or put to sleep.
I own an inbred dog. he was rescued from a collector that went all over our county answering free puppy ads. He would just take the whole litter from people giving them away. He was a very sick man who really thought he was saving the dog's he was adopting.When he finally got reported he had over 100 dogs in tiny pens all over his property. They were all starving, full of parasites and mange, breeding with their own brothers and sisters, and eating their own young. My poor Wilbur and his brother were the only puppies left in the pen who hadn't been eaten by their parents, who were brother and sister. he was literally skin stretched over bones, covered in mange, and totally unsocialized. He had never been touched by a person before he was rescued. For the first month I had him he was like a lifeless corpse cowering in the corner of his crate. It took several months before we could touch him without him screaming in fear and urinating all over himself. Now four years later, he is a different dog. He is a complete idiot, absolutely retarded, but very loving and sweet. You can tell there is something wrong with him, but he is nowhere near the dog he was when I got him. Work with your dog, hire a trainer. Maybe there is something you can do.
1) get another vet, this one is an idiot
2) take her to obedience class and teach her some manners
If your dog's health is declining, that could be the reason for behavior problems. When you don't feel well, you might act as nice or interact as well with others.

It's sad that some breeders don't watch their genetic pool very well, or are not responsible in breeding for puppies. Even with papers, you might get a dog that was not bred with the best chances for being healthy. Papers are filled out by breeders, and no one checks for "quality" when those papers are mailed to the AKC. Research and patience will find you great breeders.

If the dog's quality of life is slowly or rapidly declining, you might weigh out the humane issues of helping her. Dogs can't always tell us what they need, so look past your own needs and think about what she might want.
You wouldn't know "INBRED" if you stepped in it!

If it's NOT even PURE BRED,there's ABSOLUTELYNO WAY it can be "inbred"!!


"Getting worse" at *WHAT*?


My Dog is in heat.?

How long does it last?
Approx 3 weeks, keep her on a leash and in your sight at all times, when the heat is over, get her spayed.

Estrus ("heat") is the mating period of female animals. When estrus occurs, animals are said to be "in heat" or "in season." Dogs generally have their first estrous cycle at 6-12 months of age. Some females of the large breeds, however, may not have their first estrus until they are 12-24 months of age.

The complete cycle takes about 6 months, resulting in 2 estrous periods each year. Individual variation occurs, but a given female's pattern tends to be repeated regularly.

The estrous cycle can be divided into 4 stages:

1. Proestrus: This stage begins with the appearance of vaginal bleeding. It normally lasts from 4 to 9 days. Male dogs become very interested in the female; however, she will not yet mate with them.

2. Estrus: This is the stage in which the female will accept the male and conception can occur. The vaginal discharge is more yellowish than bloody. Ordinarily, the stage lasts for 4 to 13 days. Your female will stand still and hold her tail to the side when you touch her back or a male dog tries to mount.

3. and 4. Metestrus and anestrus: These 2 stages are periods of ovarian activity, but with no significant outward signs. False pregnancies frequently occur during metestrus.

Some Important Points

* You should consider your pet to be "in season" for 21 days: 7 days coming into heat, 7 days in heat, 7 days going out. Though conception is most likely during the middle 7 days, Mother Nature doesn't always follow the rules. Confine your pet for the entire 3 weeks.

* Remember that the above information is general. Not all females follow these patterns. Consult with the doctor if your pet does not seem typical. Sometimes, cycling problems can be an early warning of more serious problems, and the sooner they are dealt with, the better.
Depends on what kind of dog. Don't listen to that person that gives a list of web sites.
till it stops
you can get your dog spade or neutered to prevent that
I'm not exactly sure, but i do know we have male dogs
visiting for about 2 weeks when our dog goes into heat.
Good Luck to ya
Depends if anyone puts out.
21 days in total- 7 days before, 7 days during %26 7 days after.